Community Outreach

Hayfork Volunteer Fire Department is proud to offer many services to our community.

The Hayfork Fire Department does much more than keep our community safe from fires and respond to medical aids:

  • Annual fire engine ride for Santa to the tree lighting.
  • Annually pump the water from the pool at the start of the season.
  • Annually wash the benches at the grandstand before the fair comes to town.
  • Standby at the Races/Destruction Derby/Motocross at the fairgrounds.
  • HFD is present at all the football games.
  • We participate in the 4th of July parade, Fair parade and newly started Parade of Lights.
  • We also made an appearance at the car show at the Big Foot BBQ in 2014 and may return there again.
  • Community fire safety activities and fire engine rides for the kids


Everyone on the Hayfork Fire Department wants to create a safer environment and be an active part of the community. By involving ourselves is community events we promote our intention and of course can look for new recruits!

We have many ideas to make our community FIRE SAFE. We have the best equipment available, top-notch training and the goal to help our community.

We need YOUR help to obtain our goals!! WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!

Are you good at planning events? Love working with kids? We could use your help. Aside from community outreach ideas we have, we need help at the fire station. Love to make dinners for tired Firefighters? We NEED you! Perhaps you want to learn the inner workings of the station and go through some training so you can help us fill our air tanks, roll hose, or check on equipment…We can use your help!

Volunteering is a community effort and there is a way that anyone who is willing to help, can help!

Contact us today!